Places I've lived
London – New York – Berlin

Places I want to go
Senegal – Japan – Istanbul


Adobe Illustrator | inDesign | Photoshop
Keynote & Powerpoint
Studio & event photography
Microsoft Office

Vectorworks 10.5

Woodwork & model making
Ceramics | Letterpress
Print making | Sign painting



Zen philosophy, Ethiopian food,
boxing, sharks, and dance-offs.


I am a Graphic Designer, Martial Arts student and Mass Observer.

After graduating in Information Design from the London College of Communication,
I spent four years working as the in-house Graphic Designer for a global media event
production company in New York. 
My experience includes working in very different environments, from corporate branding to small-scale community projects. 

Currently freelancing in London, I am working on Graphics for branding and marketing,
as well as learning German and completing a course in Mindfulness. 

I am also interested in other types of projects, so please get in touch if you have
anything in mind, or just want to say


  • Qubit., London
  • Secret Cinema / Future Shorts, London
  • Birkbeck Law Society, London
  • St Helens Cafe & Deli, London
  • Aquila Productions, NY
  • Stoked, NY
  • Bushwick Daily, NY
  • 24 Magazine, NY
  • Hybrid Theatre Works, NY
  • Daniel Horowitz Studio, NY
  • Helen Joubert Design, Brighton
  • Dare Digital, London
  • Dorling Kindersley, London


London College of Communication
BA (Hons) in Graphic Media Design, specialising in Information Design.
Diploma in Professional Studies awarded for year out in industry, 2010.

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
Spring semester gaining credits in Graphic Design, Web Design,
Digital Illustration, Screen Printing, Digital & Analogue Photography.

Chelsea College of Art & Design
Foundation Diploma in Visual Communication